Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, living room, work space or whatever your mind can imagine. We have many years experience working with all kinds of remodeling projects, big or small, right here in Austin and the surrounding areas. We only believe in offering the best quality services at the value for money you will find. Always on time and within budget.

Whether you want to be hands on and have input at every phase of the project, or prefer the hands off approach and let us design and build your complete dream home renovation, we will work with you to make it a reality. We find most of our customers prefer us to take a design to them and allow them to suggest alterations before we come up with a final design which looks amazing, works well and won’t cost you and arm and a leg.

We are a small team that work well together both in and out of the office. Every Sunday we go out for ice cream together with out kids and watch football (which we don’t always agree on). We care about the environment and have a responsible recycling and sourcing policy that even the most socially conscious people would be happy with.We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics, we let you make up your own mind. We offer a 100% free consultation with honest advice. Fill in the form

Kitchen Renovation

Whether you want to enlarge a kitchen, add an eating / entertaining area, or just maximize the efficiency of a small kitchen space, our team can help. Tell us of your plans!

    • We deliver in all the areas of Austin, TX.
    • We can install energy-efficient equipment to help you save on your bills.
    • Get a free quote on your plans from us today.
    • Do you wish to reuse or recycle your old cabinets? We can do it too!.

Bathroom Remodeling

Would you like to add more space to a tiny bathroom? Build a powder room under the stairs? Add or remove a bathtub? Make your bathroom wheelchair-friendly?
Our experienced team will create the perfect space suited to your needs.

  • We deliver in all the areas of Austin, TX.
  • We install heating- and water-efficient equipment, to help you save on your water and energy bills.
  • Contact us and receive a price estimate of your project.
  • Only the best materials and quality to prevent the possibility of water damage.

Room Addition

Do you need a guest room, or maybe a home office? Enlarge the dining room? Or turn a dark and dreary basement into a comfortable game room? Tell us of your plans and we’ll create a design to suit your needs and your budget.
Before we start, we study every possibility offered by the existing space and surrounding area, in order to maximize efficiency and build the best-looking, most comfortable and durable result.

  • We deliver in all the areas of Austin, TX.
  • You do not need to clean your house after we are done.
  • Our experts will take care of the waste disposal process.
  • Your input is important! We keep your goals in mind throughout the process, to bring you the very best results.                                                                                   Our Process                                                         
  • Planning – We meet with the customer to discuss the renovation project, proposed budget, and desired outcome and goals. Besides our photo album of past projects, some of our completed renovations may be visited, so if you would like to see our completed work in person, we’ll be happy to show it to you.
 Sourcing –
Once there is a plans outlined, we obtain the materials needed for the project, and submit orders for any custom work that may be required. We work with a variety of suppliers, with whom we have longstanding relationships and offer an array of diverse options at various price points.

Once everything is ready, we start the project. Our process is streamlined to waste as little material as possible, meet every deadline. After it is finished, we take care of cleaning up.


While we do take every precaution to make sure no last-minute issues appear, a project is only fully finished when our customer give their final approval.

Tips To Renovate Your Home From Today

Refresh your space

Especially in winter, your house can feel locked up. Between keeping the windows closed curtains or heavy blinds and things that you let them accumulate, little by little you start to feel stressed or anxious and you do not know why. Before making a dramatic change, begin by ventilating your entire house. Take advantage of a day with good weather and open the windows wide.

Clean everything that is in disarray

If your new year resolution was to be a master of cleanliness and organization, sure you are an expert. And if you’re not yet an expert, start with a small task: those objects that begin to accumulate as soon as you enter your home: the keys, receipts, shoes. Return everything to its place.

And clean again

If you find yourself ordering and permanently rearranging your home, maybe it’s because you have too many things. It’s time to get rid of what no longer serves you: not just old or broken things, but also try to have fewer jobs in general. Do you need three brushes? 20 glasses? Four black sweaters?. Sell or donate items that are in excellent condition.

Remove obstacles

You can interpret this idea in several ways. Removing a barrier can be something physical like a piece of furniture that you have to dodge and interrupt the natural flow between the rooms. Or also a kind of mental obstacle, like not allowing you to use the colors you want in your decoration. Think about it; it’s time to remove both. Changing the layout of the furniture in your living room or bedroom will make you feel like in a new space.

Something natural

Retake that connection with nature with natural elements within your space. They can be from seasonal flowers, plants, aromatic herbs or tree branches. Adding these items to your home in a place where you can see them will make you feel in touch with nature.



Is your roof starting to show signs of wear and tear?

This can happen to any property and it’s important to keep things under control by seeking professional help. This roofing service is going to guarantee superior results with the help of qualified professionals who recognize what needs to be done.

This is the ultimate roofing repair New Jersey has to offer and is going to provide meaningful results once the call comes through.

The team is going to assess the roof before providing their professional opinion on what’s happening and what’s required to start repairs. This information is going to be provided on the spot and is a great way to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Let the specialists put together a robust strategy and know your roof is in good hands because Gilrod Renovations has very much advanced in technology in terms of roof construction and repairing  by the help of a roofing repair nj company.

Whether it is a missing shingle or a leak, this team will be able to come in and remove the problem immediately. All solutions are meticulous and are going to have a guaranteed change to how the roof performs and looks. The days of being stuck with an aging roof are well in the past once this service is called in.…